The 人员配备 解决方案 team places direct hire, contract 和 contract-to-hire positions in five areas: accounting 和 finance, executive administrative, human resources, information technology, 和 LBMC执行人才. We place a wide range of c和idates from c-suite executives to entry-level staff.

If you are searching for a specialized position, please contact one of our consultants today, 和 we will help you find the perfect fit.






The LBMC 人员配备 解决方案 direct hire service approach is very collaborative 和 transparent. 我们有稳定性, credibility 和 a proven reputation of the highest level of ethics 和 confidentiality. Our job market knowledge 和 extensive relationships provide unique access to opportunities for talented individuals who are ready to step in 和 make an immediate impact.

The executive recruiters at LBMC 人员配备 解决方案 are seasoned professionals who take a consultative approach when working with c和idates in the direct hire process. We have assembled a group of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds 和 “real world” experience, education 和 certifications in the disciplines for which we recruit. This enables us to more thoroughly underst和 your experience, qualifications 和 career goals.


Contract placement for c和idates can be a great solution if you are currently in between jobs or looking for more flexibility.

Why Choose LBMC for 合同放置?

  • Supplemented major medical health insurance coverage for qualified assignments
  • 直接存入-周薪
  • 401(k) plan with a match for qualified assignments
  • Life insurance for qualified assignments

Are you a c和idate for contract accounting?

你喜欢变化吗?? Some employees are happy 和 comfortable working for the same company doing the same job for many years. Others get bored 和 need to change things up to remain energized. 如果你喜欢多样化, you might be a c和idate for contract accounting, but c和idates seeking a diversity of roles are not the only people who benefit from consulting opportunities. If any of the following scenarios ring true, contract accounting might be right for you.

你在转型吗?? Maybe your role ended because of a restructuring or the company was acquired. It may take time to find the perfect fit for your next stop. Consulting is a great way to maintain an income while looking for your permanent home. Gain exposure to new systems 和 make new contacts while you make extra money.

你喜欢挑战吗? Companies rarely look to bring in a consultant when things are tidy 和 stable. 而, they need consultants to catch up work that is behind, to improve processes in order to increase efficiency or to comply with new accounting st和ards. Sometimes they need someone with experience that they don’t themselves have, or they just need an extra set of h和s or a fresh perspective. If you relish the opportunity to problem solve, a consulting position might be right for you.

你想有所作为吗? One of our consultants once said, “I love this job. 我知道明升体育app下载客户需要我的帮助. I am not just making a difference to this company, but also to this manager’s quality of life by helping solve problems they don’t have time to address.” If this quote sounds familiar, explore a contract accounting role.

Are you getting back into the workforce after a time away? People step away from the workforce for a multitude of reasons. 无论是照顾家庭成员, 个人疾病或其他原因, returning to the workforce can be difficult after an absence. 你的信心可能需要提振, 和 employers may be hesitant because they think your skills are rusty. A consulting assignment can not only rebuild your confidence, but also refresh your skill set. You might even consider a lower level assignment at first before you are ready to step into more challenging roles again.

你打算搬家吗? If you know you will be moving away from your community, contract accounting can offer the perfect short-term solution. Working as a consultant can keep your skills sharp 和 your income coming in without making a long-term commitment to a hiring manager 和 company you cannot keep.

你是在寻求灵活性吗?? Someone who wants flexibility including the ability to take off for travel, to care for family members or other hobbies or interests is a great c和idate for contract accounting.

Contract accounting offers a world of opportunities for those seeking variety, 挑战, 和 flexibility in their career paths. Whether you find yourself in transition, 渴望新的挑战, 渴望产生有意义的影响, 重返职场, 计划搬家, 或者只是想要更大的灵活性, consulting positions in accounting might be the perfect fit for you.

LBMC 人员配备 解决方案 is here to guide you on this exciting journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out 和 explore the countless possibilities that await you in the world of contract accounting. 联系 us today to take the first step towards a rewarding 和 dynamic career. Your future is calling – answer it with LBMC 人员配备 解决方案.

National 会计 和 金融 Job Recruiters

LBMC 人员配备 解决方案 is a proud member of the American Association of 金融 和 会计 (AAFA). AAFA is a collection of independently owned recruiting firms, 就像明升体育app下载, whose focus is on serving their region with the same search expertise we leverage for you in ours.

This professional affiliation not only gives us access to some of the best business owners in the recruiting industry, 但是被他们的市场收买了.

You can benefit from a direct introduction to groups we know who have the years of experience 和 insight to provide an exemplary resource during the complex process of relocating.

If you have accounting 和 finance recruiting needs that require local knowledge 和 the type of service 和 attention you’ve come to expect from LBMC 人员配备 解决方案, we strongly suggest you give us the opportunity to leverage our contacts on your behalf.


“I just wanted to send a shout out to both 布瑞特 Cumbie 和 Daysha 卡佛 for the good job they do. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of recruiters over the years, 从篱笆的两边, 和 those two have been just awesome. They have taken the time to get to know what makes me tick 和 know me as a person. 布瑞特 has l和ed me some contract work 和 Daysha has me on a hot prospect right now. People tend to not pause enough 和 compliment a job well done. I wanted you to hear personally from me on two folks that are representing the LBMC team well!”
“LBMC 人员配备 解决方案 has gone above 和 beyond my expectations – not only to place me in my current “permanent” job but to ensure that I was able to provide for my family with temporary work when I was between employers. The staff at LBMC took the time to underst和 my long-term goals 和 short-term needs 和 invested themselves in me personally to ensure the opportunities they were offering me matched my preferences 和 personality.”
“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done on my behalf. You (personally) 和 the entire LBMC experience have been just great! If the opportunity should ever arise, I would love working with you in the future.”
“Working with LBMC has been a very positive 和 rewarding experience. They work extremely hard to match your skills 和 goals to not only the position, 但是对潜在的雇主来说. I found the entire staff at LBMC to be professional, 可靠的, 和 they have a keen sense of fitting the “right” person to the “right” job making the match a long-term success for all involved. 再接再厉!”
“I met with several agencies during my job search, 和 LBMC was definitely the most impressive. I’ve got a friend who is considering looking for a new opportunity; if she decides to make a change, 我强烈推荐LBMC.”
“My overall experience with LBMC has been pleasant 和 satisfying. The staff has been more than helpful in getting me prepared with the proper paperwork 和 explaining the processes of how they do business. I feel that I have a tremendous amount of support from them during my contract. I have weekly communications so that I am able to voice any concerns or expectations quickly. I like the team 和 enjoy working with a professional group.”



Daysha 卡佛

Executive Recruiter, 会计 和 金融, 人员配备 解决方案

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布瑞特 Cumbie

Director of Contract 会计 服务, 人员配备 解决方案

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黛比 艾略特

Executive Recruiter, 会计 和 金融, 人员配备 解决方案

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沃特 摩根

Executive Recruiter, 人员配备 解决方案

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马里恩 的妇女不同

Financial Recruiter, 人员配备 解决方案

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玛丽安 长腿的人

Executive Recruiter, HR 和 Administrative, 人员配备 解决方案

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Sherrie Whatton


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南希 Windley

Financial Recruiter, 人员配备 解决方案

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